1.2 Terms of Use

Users of the website, Tap2Play system, SuteXh server, or any of the services implemented by Tap2Play must agree to do the following:

1. Only use the server or service in question for its intended purpose, as outlined by the service itself, an executive member, or available documentation.
2. Don’t use the server for any purpose that would break the law; even if there is some implication or indication by the server itself that that activity would be allowed.

3.  Don’t circumvent, bypass, or otherwise tamper with any form of authentication or secured system in place on the server. Do not directly connect or modify the server without express permission from an authorised party.

4. Don’t gain unauthorised access to, steal, tamper with, or otherwise interact with our or other people’s data.

5. Don’t attempt to damage, maim, restrict access to, or otherwise tamper with the server, the connection to the server, or any other aspect of the physical and virtual locality of the server.
6. Behave in a respectful manner whilst interacting with any service provided by Tap2Play. Don't use excessively profane or inappropriate language, issue threats or act vexatiously.
7. Tap2Play, the USU, and the University of Sydney (in particular, the department of Information and Communications Technologies - also known as ICT) reserve the right to remove access to, or alter, any of the services provided by the server at any time. Additionally we may remove access on the request of an affiliated society.

8. Do not interact with, in any manner, any device on the same network or connection as the server, unless you have been given permission to do so by the University of Sydney, or the University of Sydney Union.
9. The server and associated services are provided ‘as is’, and Tap2Play, the USU, and the University of Sydney offer no warranty or guarantee of service, implied or otherwise, and will not be held responsible for any damage that occurs to users of any kind during or in relation to their use of the server.

10. The source code used on the server remains the property of the developer(s) involved, or the third party from which it originated, and is licensed to Tap2Play. You understand that copying or emulating the code may breach the copyright of the developer or party involved.

 Page last updated: February, 2017