About Tap2Play

Tap2Play is an executive management system design, implemented, and maintained by the Tap2Play Open Source Collaboration. We have built this system in an attempt to simplify the lives of executives participating in the USU Clubs and Societies program.

Since its original inception as a server-side implementation of the Sutekh Tap-to-Play card system in 2016, it has been expanded to multiple societies, including Pokésoc, SuAnime, and the Tea Society. It has also been extended to include functionality allowing interfacing to USU's Orion server/database, and provides a range of useful services for executives.

The icons and images on the main menu page (Tap2Play Menu) are derived from the Android Material Icon Collection, as exhibited at design.google.com.
The 'Provided by USU' logo is property of the University of Sydney Union, and reflects the fact that the virtual space within which this server sits is provided to Tap2Play jointly by the University of Sydney Union and the Information and Communications Technology department (ICT) at the University of Sydney.

The SuteXh logo reflects the fact that Tap2Play is currently hosted on Sutekh's private 'SuteXh' server, and can only continue operation through the goodwill of Sutekh and its executive. We heartily thank Sutekh for their support of this project.

The beta (potentially unstable) branch of this project exists at https://beta.tap2play.org.au/.
An openly accessible demonstration branch of this project exists at https://demo.tap2play.org.au/. Feel free to take a look around, and try to break things. Please note that this branch is periodically cleansed and rebuilt from scratch.

To become a developer for Tap2Play, please contact one of the lead developers below, either in person at an event, or by email (if they have made their email address available) or contact us at developers@tap2play.org.au.

All Tap2Play code is open source, and is licensed under the GPU GPL v3. You can find our git repository at https://git.tap2play.org.au/  

Lead Developer:

Web Interface
Server Administration

Simon Koch

2015 - 2017
Git Profile: Simon
Email: nomis@tomahfarm.com.au

Lead Developer:

SuteXh AppX
Web Interface

Matthew Watts

2015 - 2017
Git Profile: Matthew

Lead Developer:

xStatus serverside
Graphic Design

Helen Munro

2015 - 2017
Git Profile: Helen

Systems Administrator:

SuteXh Server

Thomas Selvaraj

2016 - 2017